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Abstract The focus of this work has been on the outside pressure on the Faroese language with an particular view to assessing a possible increase of new English Imports inot the language in view of the present-day technological and media situation. A two-month research period provided interviews with Informants.

The Informants have been divided into four age groups: 1 young people aged 12 to 19, 2 working force, aged with educational background in the home country, 3 working force, aged with five years of university studies abroad, and 4 retired people over The Informants were presented with a questionnaire with seven questions, which provided the foundation for a minute conversation with each interviewee.

The aim has been to identify types of import lexis in each age group and test the youngest group against the others.

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In addition, gender variation has been mapped for comparison group-wise and across the age groups. To put a possible new wave of English Imports into perspective, it has been necessary to screen other types of import words in use. They have been labelled Danicisms and Internationalisms according to give definitions.

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In addition, a selection of Faroese Neologisms has also been screened. All of the aforementioned have been collected to enable analyses of possible variations in choice of lexical items between the groups and between the genders. As the type of New English Imports is mainly concentrated in the field of computer-related activities, the material is considered too limited to draw any firm conclusion.

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However, the survey shows that in this field there is a measurable influx of English loanwords amongst the youngest Informants. As a side-effect of the investigation, indications of gender variation have been seen in the material.

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This may be the first sociolinguistic research project from the Faroese language community which shows such variation of significance. It has been found that the woman of group3 show a higher frequency in the use of Danicisms than the woman in group 2. Although not as prominent for the Danicisms, the frequency of Internationalisms is also the highest in group 3.

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Source: Gramley,S. Papers should be submitted in double-spaced format two hard copies and a disk to the editors of the issue at the following addresses: Tina Krontiris, School of English, Aristotle University, 24 Thessaloniki, Greece, and Jyotsna G. Text Types 8 15 2 Most artists are very nervous of scientific analysis.

They feel it destroys something about the human aspect of creativity. Likewise, most scientists see the creative arts as an entirely subjective development that long ago left science to tread the long road to objective truth alone. Whole books have been written about this bifurcation, but here I want to talk about some interesting points of contact between art and science that are facilitated by the growth in our 16 understanding of complex organization and pattern.

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