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But the photographer needs time to edit them, and if you keep bugging him, it gets annoying. Every year, people around the world board up windows, stock up on essential supplies, and flee their own homes in anticipation of severe weather events. But for storm chasers, tumultuous weather is an invitation to move toward the danger.

Some endure precarious conditions during hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms in order to take readings that might later prove useful to meteorologists. There's no shortage of opportunities for storm chasers. The U. Hurricanes are fueled by heat from oceans and threaten coastal regions with heavy rain and wind. Each is dangerous, devastating—and, in the eyes of storm chasers, beautiful. To better understand what motivates these individuals to seek out cataclysmic events, Mental Floss spoke to three extreme weather specialists.

With just 13 hurricanes hitting the continental U. As a result, hurricane hunters are a small subgroup of the storm chaser demographic. Why do they do it? While he still pursues that rush, Morgerman's chief objective is to measure air pressure and log observational data that can assist meteorologists in analyzing storms.

Chasers can also measure factors like humidity, wind speed, and temperature. Unlike tornadoes, which have a very clear visual identity as they spin in a cone shape over land, hurricanes just look like a fierce concentration of weather. As fierce weather rages in the area known as the eyewall, the eye, or center, inside is peaceful. Morgerman says that jarring contrast is a little like an acid trip. Hurricane Michael, the building I was in was shaking. The windows were breaking. Everything just turns white. You just see flying wreckage. The sky is blue For many chasers, the movie was a milestone, prompting a lot of people to get into the field themselves.

There are a lot of things the movie got right. There was one exception.

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The damage associated with these storms. The movie underplayed the destruction and death.

17 Secrets of Wedding Photographers

The life of any storm chaser is supposed to be thrilling, and it is—for a few minutes or hours at a time. He might be in a hurricane for hours; a tornado might touch down for just a few minutes. Johnson also says he spends much of his time traveling. All three died. According to Montana-based storm chaser and National Weather Service meteorologist Cory Mottice , experienced chasers know to fear traffic more than the weather. But as the storm is getting closer, people are worrying and start panicking. Johnson agrees, adding that injury from storms can often take a back seat to traffic accidents.

The quickest way is a straight line. You can see where it is and you can avoid it. Driving is a completely different story. Driving in pursuit of a tornado requires a little more than simple guts and a willingness to get close to a massively powerful weather event. Chasers need their version of a Batmobile. According to Johnson, professionals usually opt for an armored truck to help insulate them from the destructive power of the storm. The steel roll cage adds weight. Tornados can pick up combiners. Those things do happen. They just want to get close enough to obtain readings or to take photographs.

Johnson tries to get within or yards to snap photos, which is still close enough to see how intense wind speeds can be. Most chasers hit the road with doppler radar, laptops, cameras, and other equipment to help them analyze data and capture images. For still photography, Mottice puts the camera on a tripod outside while he remains in the truck.

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That keeps him out of danger—but his equipment is another story. Things to go through are: The style of photography Black and white? Reportage sometimes called photojournalistic wedding photography. Meet the guests! If possible, meet the really important family members beforehand. Or maybe see some photos of them so that you recognize them on the day. If you can wander up to the father of the bride with a confident "Hi, Bill isn't it? You must be very proud. I'm your daughter's photographer". Bill will be chuffed to bits that you did a little research prior to his daughter's big day.

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What will you wear? This is an important part of your wedding photography checklist. And it has nothing to do with actually taking photographs! If your bride and groom are going for a really casual look then you might look a little out of place in a formal suit. And if they are going for the formal look themselves, then don't overdo it!

You not there to out-shine the bride and groom. Do what is necessary in order to fit in nicely. NB:It is sometimes a good if you can stand out a little though. It marks you out as the photographer and people will know how to react to you.

Of course, being weighed down like a pack-horse with camera equipment should mark you out to everyone, regardless of what you wear! Payment It can be a little awkward to raise this, but it should be on every wedding photography checklist. Professional wedding photographers know that the best way to use flash is to bounce it off of walls and reflectors.

When you do this, the light comes at your subjects from a less direct angle. It is much more gentle, and it does a better job of eliminating red eye and strong shadows.

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The color of the surface that you bounce the flash off of has an effect on the color of the light returned. If you want red light, bounce your flash off a red wall. If you want white light, find a white wall. You get the point. A flash diffuser can be anything that covers your flash and spreads out the light.

Me favorite is a few tissues in front of the flash. As long as you have some kind of white fabric or soft paper in front of your flash, you will have an effective diffuser. So pro wedding photographers have multiple cameras with different lenses mounted to them. This investment pays itself off with more great photos for every shoot.

Most professional wedding photographers have two cameras. The camera with the wideangle lens is perfect for closed spaces while the standard to telephoto camera is great for getting candid shots across the room. No day will ever be the same as your wedding day. Wedding photographers go out of their way to find the little things that make the experience so special.

Take the time to photograph rings, garters, floral bouquets, and everything else that sets the scene. All of this provides context for your more traditional wedding photos. Whenever you can include a small detail like this in your portraits or other photos, people will notice. You are there to help people remember the little things. Doing this will set you apart from every other wedding photographer!

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If you're not sure about your results, make sure they hire a photographer and tag along with the pro. This will give you experience with the often hectic schedule and awkward shooting conditions. Many seasoned wedding photographers also scope out the location of the wedding before arriving.