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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. New Releases. Categories: Thriller Books Thrillers. Notify me. One of most glamorous and suspenseful tales ever told It began with Jamie MacGregor, stealing diamonds in Africa. It continued with his daughter, the powerful Kate Blackwell who grew her father's company into a world wide conglomerate, Now the story passes to the next generation.

Spanning the decades and picking-up exactly where Sidney Sheldon's bestselling Master of the Game finished, Mistress of the Game follows the Blackwell family as they, Love, and lose, scheme and murder through the 80's up until the present day. Heart-stopping and glamorous, tense and provactive, Mistress of the Game is the sequel that Sheldon fans have been waiting for Nov 19, Books Ring Mah Bell rated it it was ok.

The plot twists and turns, the adventure! The betrayal, heartbreak, and of course, brilliantly executed revenge. So imagine my delight twenty years later when I see Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game on my Grandmother's coffee table. Only it wasn't written by Sheldon. It was done by a woman who had read Sidney as a teen and loved him. One of her favorites was Master of the Game , and years later, she decided, "I'll write a sequel to it!

I have been reading way too much serious stuff; environment, vegetarianism, World War 2 stuff, medical system failure and so on This book was for me to sit in the tub and be mindlessly entertained while I relaxed. Not only was I mindlessly entertained, I was totally embarrassed. Now, I'm no prude, but knowing that my sweet, year old granny read this book made me blush! Really, Grandma is close to a saint. She doesn't say anything bad about anyone, ever. The only curse word I hear her say is shit. When the great-grandkids are around, "shit" becomes "sugar jets". Every time she receives gifts birthdays mother's day, Christmas she says without fail, "I made out like a bandit!

To thoughts of her cousin, no less! Sugar jets! She made out like a bandit! Hard, rough sex??? Cousins having rough sex!?!?!? Bless her heart! I'm not sure if I want to think it's cool that Grandma read this, or if I'll just think she's illiterate and faking it. View all 12 comments. Go read Master of the Game and burn this shit.

Shelves: kill-me-now. I went into this with the belief that I was about to read Sidney Sheldon fanfiction. Let's face it, if you take an original story and completely fleshed out characters and write new stuff for them, you're creating fanfiction. Now, I personally enjoy fanfiction, though I'm very much aware that a great deal of it is subpar in comparison to the original work.

I did not expect the pile of utter and complete rubbish that this book w Who. I did not expect the pile of utter and complete rubbish that this book was. And calling it rubbish is the most polite thing I can truly say about this. And I'm not even talking about the "heroine" I use sarcastic quotations here and her extremely distant cousin who did not grow up anywhere near together.

Max and Lexi. Are you fucking kidding me, what is wrong with you? And the sex scenes between the two of them? Are you trying for shock value, or do you just truly not have the ability to write a decent sex scene?

If Kate Blackwell could come out of the pages and beat the holy shit out of you with these pages, she would. One of the main things I enjoy about Sheldon's works, and what makes him a favorite author of mine, are the twists. The twists in Master of the Game left me gasping for air. I waited for some twists here. Even subpar ones. This was the most ridiculously predictable and trite piece of garbage I have ever read. Do not read this book.

Tell Me Your Dreams Audiobooks by Sidney Sheldon

I am going to say this as many times as possible. If you are a Sheldon fan, run away. God, burn her at the stake. View all 4 comments. Sep 27, Diana rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Dream come true! But I had to read it regardless: curiosity and love for the original meant I needed to know what this pseudo sequel is all about. But I won't finish Mistress of the Game.

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game

I just can't. It's horrible.

So poorly written that I flinched involuntarily at some of the dialogue, embarrassed. Such weak new characters that I didn't care what happened to them. I honestly prefer not to know the scenarios the rest of the book has in store for the classic characters because it's just going to irritate me.

I can't exactly say this book is disrespectful to Sidney Sheldon, since it's tagged up everywhere with praise for him and his other novels. But it's definitely not doing anything to enhance the Blackwell saga. I may even reread Sheldon's masterpiece again just to get the new tangents of this follow-up fiasco out of my head.

First of all, it's insulting to readers who know the original Master of the Game , who I'm assuming are the only ones interested in this book anyway. But the vast majority must be Sidney Sheldon fans. So the insult comes in the recap of everything that happened in the first book, casually thrown in usually in parentheses. Now, I'm sure there was an editor involved who said something like, "will readers be able to remember Jamie McGregor?

Why don't you use briefly reintroduce elements of the original book so as not to confuse people. But the summarizing wouldn't really bother me in and of itself. It can be tolerable. Who hasn't read a Babysitters Club book and skipped the whole first chapter about bossy Kristy's great idea and Claudia's almond-shaped eyes? What irks me about Mistress of the Game is the way these facts are presented: in rambling asides, like a soap opera.

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe

Example: "Eve thought about all the time and effort she'd put into trying to kill her twin over the years: setting her nightgown alight at their fifth birthday party; arranging riding accidents, sailing accidents and finally the whole complicated murder plot with George Mellis. Knowing George was both penniless and psychotic, and that his rich-playboy routine was all an act, Eve had encouraged him to woo and marry her sister. The plan was for George to win Alex's trust, persuade her to make a new will that left him everything, including her control state in Kruger-Brent, then get rid of her, splitting the inheritance with Eve.

I know this is sounding like a rant. Why did I even have high hopes for this book? Why do I care that Bagshawe is a terrible writer? Can't I try to enjoy the Mistress of the Game for the fun easy read it's supposed to be? Can't I just be happy that there is more gossip about the Blackwell family to learn? I'm sorry, but no.

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The reason the original book is so beloved is because it's a guilty pleasure, but a quality one. The characters are sometimes despicable but interesting. The writing isn't always stellar but the plot moves along and there are some ingenious descriptions and twists. It saddens me that the sequel isn't even half as good as Master of the Game. The final straw was when Bagshawe compared new character Robbie to Hamlet, saying that they both suffered "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

But I'm pretty sure that in his famous "to be or not to be" soliloquy, Hamlet's not referring to how rich he is. Reading over. I stand by my earlier opinion. In fact, I'm even more annoyed at what transpired further on in the book. Bagshawe basically copied the elements of the original book bravely unconventional Scottish entrepreneur defies Apartheid conventions and befriends loyal native African, strikes it rich, has his wife and children killed in an uprising, moves to NYC And don't think that the author forgot the family relation: she constantly reminds the reader that they're cousins, specifically that their mothers were identical twins.

Um, I think we understand that by page I could continue the deserved harsh criticism, but I won't waste anymore time. Just trust me, a disappointed Sheldon fan, and skip Mistress of the Game. View all 6 comments. Mar 04, Jules added it. Instead it turns out that it's written by some no-name wannabe lame ass writer. Now I know that sequels to bestsellers by passed-away-authors aren't unusual but nowhere have I ever encountered a sequel advertised in such a way as to deliberately make readers believe they'd get something delivered by the pen of the original author.

I don't have words for how disappointed I am. This woman just can't write. And she crtainly can't hold a candle to Sheldon! I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. In fact, I want my money back! View 1 comment. Feb 06, Tim rated it it was ok. This story is about elitism, women, money, power and classism.

If that floats your boat this is for you. This anchored sailor is unimpressed. Dec 29, Siaw Hui rated it it was ok. To be honest, if this book was NOT a sequel to a book written by Sidney Sheldon, I would have probably given it a 3 stars instead of a 2. However, because it is a sequel to one of the best books written by Sheldon and toys with fantastic characters that Sheldon created, I couldn't help but compare Bagshawe's with Sheldon's work and be disappointed with Bagshawe.

Hence, the 2 stars. If you haven't read Master of the Game, you should. Because I read it years ago when I was a teenager and until To be honest, if this book was NOT a sequel to a book written by Sidney Sheldon, I would have probably given it a 3 stars instead of a 2.

Because I read it years ago when I was a teenager and until today I will quote it as a must-read of the thriller genre. In fact, Master of the Game was one of the books that buoyed and fueled my transition from childhood reading to adult reading; that's how good it was. Sheldon's prose was powerful and tight, I remember being gripped by every word he wrote and continually turning the pages to find out what would happen next.

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Each member of the Blackwell family was strong and so enigmatic that their motivations and actions were so tangible that I got utterly caught up with their next tactical maneuvoure. Not so Bagshawe's attempt at a sequel. I really did try to like the novel if nothing for the sake of my good memories of Master of the Game but I couldn't. Bagshawe's prose was rambling and loose so much so I finished the book in one day because I was skipping chunks of text to keep my hold on the thread of the main plot.

On that note, I think that's why although Bagshawe's and Sheldon's plot twists were technically on par in terms of creative genius, Bagshawe's didn't deliver as much impact and leave me reeling as Sheldon's did because I was spending way too much time navigating prose that was flapping all over the darn place! I'd give credit where credit is due: the characters that Bagshawe created were real enough and if I hadn't had Sheldon's characters to compare to, I probably would've given this book a 3 stars based on the merits of the characters themselves.

But as it is, Bagshawe's characters lacked the spark that Sheldon's did. The Blackwells crafted by Sheldon had a certain grit and depth to their personalities that made me invest heavily in their stories; Bagshawe's didn't. Again, I believe it might've been the prose that Bagshawe employed in describing them and their interactions? All in all, I'm not sure whether I'd pick up another Bagshawe book, especially one that attempts to continue in the vein of Sidney Sheldon. If you want a Sidney Sheldon-esque book, you might probably be better off re-reading books by the man himself.

Dec 22, Uma rated it did not like it. Wish I could give it a lower rating or post it on horrendousreads. Seriously appalling storyline Just by following the Sheldonesque pattern of story telling, you don't recreate a Sheldon Story Obsessed with sex and sex and only sex TRASH in letters ft tall and all capital Jun 09, DeRonda added it. The master storyteller Mr. Sheldon is likely rolling in his grave! Though no prude myself, even I put the book down when the author found it necessary to vividly describe a pedophiles tryst with 11 yr old twins in Thailand.

O The master storyteller Mr. Only later did I pick up the book, convincing myself that the minor character would most likely not be heard from again, and I was probably safe from such disgusting monologue. Where Sheldon had introduced us to members of the Blackwell family as power-driven, determined, cunning, and yes, even obsessed I have challenged myself to complete the book, to honor the characters of Mr.

Sheldon what's left of them! TBC Update; Upon completion, it didn't get any better. RIP Mr. Apr 27, Crime Addict Sifat rated it it was amazing. Sidney Sheldon's stunning 1 New York Times hit Master of the Game has captivated a huge number of perusers the world over. Creator Tilly Bagshawe has grabbed the ace's mallet and conveyed a wonderful story of assurance, voracity, and exceptionally dull privileged insights in the unmistakable Sheldon vein that will entrance newcomers and affirmed Sidn Sidney Sheldon's stunning 1 New York Times hit Master of the Game has captivated a huge number of perusers the world over.

Creator Tilly Bagshawe has grabbed the ace's mallet and conveyed a wonderful story of assurance, voracity, and exceptionally dull privileged insights in the unmistakable Sheldon vein that will entrance newcomers and affirmed Sidney Sheldon fans alike.